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Sunshine and Prairie Lands

Out of the blue, Dave Risk from the Flux Lab contacted me to see if I was interested in assisting in upcoming field research concentrating on monitoring fugitive gas leaks in the oil and gas industry. Before I knew it, (and without too much contemplation), I was hopping on a plane and am back in […]

Highlands: Winter 2015 Edition

By Laura Graham Sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to find people that are as crazy as yourself. That is precisely what I have done this winter in order to accomplish some of my fieldwork tasks! Dave, Christina, Lynsay, Nea and I ventured up to North Mountain, Cape Breton in early February. […]

Antarctica: Dry Valley Instant Replay

By Dave Risk As I explained briefly (I think) in an earlier post, the McMurdo Dry Valleys are desert-like deglaciated portions of coastal Antarctica that are of scientific interest for biologists in particular, because of the extreme dryness and cold. Special organisms live here that cling to life on, and in, the rocks.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McMurdo_Dry_Valleys) For […]

Antarctica: Teachings of “The Ice”

By Dave Risk What scientific trip would be complete without some new insights into natural ecosystems, and oneself?  I learned that: 1. My bladder can, on occasion, hold more than a litre of urine. One may wonder how I learned such a thing, but it should be obvious when one considers the environmental sensitivity of […]

Antarctica: Team Awesome

By Dave Risk So, you know that I’m headed to the Antarctic Dry Valleys, and with a team of scientists.  But, who are these folks, and what are they trying to accomplish? Charlie Lee. Microbiologist specializing in extremeophile microbes. University of Waikato (NZ). Our Commander-in-chief and acronym aficionado who can also take a good joke. […]

Antarctica: The Waiting Game

By Dave Risk Today’s helicopter trip out to our Dry Valley field sites got postponed at the last minute. There is a lot of hurry up and wait in field work like this. The weather doesn’t swing wildly, but the visibility is somewhat unpredictable as low clouds and gentle snowstorms move past. We have 2 […]

Antarctica: The Dave Edition #2

By Dave Risk Today is my first full day on “The Ice”. We flew south yesterday from New Zealand in a US military Hercules to an ice landing strip on the Ross Ice Shelf.  The flight and landing were far more pleasant than I had imagined. The interior of a Hercules is, as one would […]

Antarctica: The Ross Ice Shelf

By Dave Risk I have now officially completed my Antarctic Field Training. Our most excellent 1.5 day course was taught by Benji Nicholson. Ben’s normal job is as a paramedic in a beachside Australian town (who worked for a year in Jasper), but he jumped at the opportunity to come down to Antarctica and work […]

Antarctica: The Dave Edition

Here is sit in Christchurch, about 100 hours after I left home, finally ready to fly to Antarctica tomorrow morning – weather permitting. I’m on my way to Antarctica for science, of course.  My mission is to check on Chris MacIntyre’s experiment, in which we are trying to measure soil microbial metabolism, via soil-emitted gases, […]