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Katlyn represents FluxLab in the United Kingdom and Belgium

I travelled to the United Kingdom to help with fieldwork coordinated by Dave Lowry’s research group at Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) in November 2017. This trip was part of a knowledge exchange between our lab and Dave Lowry (with whom our lab has previously partnered) that involved a member of each respective group […]

Using CFD to Accurately Measure Wind Speed from a Cyclist

The main focus of our research is on the aerodynamics of cycling. We began working alongside Alphamantis Technologies in Montreal (recently acquired by Garmin) on a project to measure wind from bicycles. Why would one want to measure wind speeds on a bicycle? By accurately measuring wind in real-time, the computation of real-time CdA (Drag […]

How does anemometer placement affect measurement accuracy of vehicle-mounted anemometers?

Wind measurements are an important part of gas leak plume detection, which we do by truck.  I’ve been working with ANSYS Fluent software and anemometer measurements from the mobile survey trucks to investigate vehicle-based wind measurements. My MSc. project is a field- simulation study comparing experimental field measurements with CFD simulations, to explain how anemometer […]

Mission: Detect Arctic Methane

The rock room has been a space of design and construction for many CO2 soil profilers for arctic field sites, and this summer was no exception. Jack and I created an automated soil gas sampler, for the measurement of methane and CO2 from a series of soil depth chambers in northern Norway. The system included […]

What’s in the Groundwater?

While pursuing my Master’s degree at St.F.X., I am working with Owen Sherwood and Dalhousie University to determine the source and the concentrations of dissolved methane in groundwater in Nova Scotia, as part of the Gas Seepage Project (GaSP). We are investigating areas that have drilled groundwater wells in close proximity to abandoned coal mines. […]

Urban mobile surveys: Toronto

Typically, FluxLab mobile surveys involve driving around oil and gas developments looking for fugitive emissions with a truck full of gas analysers. When I started work in the lab in January, Dave asked me to take the same mobile survey techniques that the lab has been refining over the years, and apply them to a […]

The Littoral Zone of Lochaber Lake: A Concealed Frenzy

Looking out on the waters of Lochaber lake the words “serenity”, “tranquility”, and “stillness” come to mind. The waters often appear still, being protected from wind by the steep sloping hills which surround Lochaber. Some vegetation thrives along the coastline, and the banks of the lake descend into a 70 m deep tectonic rift in […]

Sunshine and Prairie Lands

Out of the blue, Dave Risk from the Flux Lab contacted me to see if I was interested in assisting in upcoming field research concentrating on monitoring fugitive gas leaks in the oil and gas industry. Before I knew it, (and without too much contemplation), I was hopping on a plane and am back in […]